Frequently Asked Questions

No! Rabbit Sites are month to month. We are that confident you will love your Rabbit Site Plan that we give you a custom design at cost with no obligation to stay.

We don’t think you will but sometimes life happens. If we haven’t started we will refund the cost 100%. If we have started we will refund 100% - the effort we have already put in.

WordPress and the others are a CMS, or Content Management System, that allows you to do it yourself. Doing it yourself has pros and cons. Rabbit Sites are something completely different. It is web plan where we take care of it, we've got you covered. Instead, you have more time to run your business, raise rabbits, lounge on the beach, or whatever you want because we take care of your website. You have a dedicated web team on call for $30/mo.

You want them, you send them to us. We design them and add them to your site. You look amazing. It's that simple. You can call or email changes. If you aren’t sure, reach out to us and we can walk you through them. Want to see what it would like? We can mock it up for review before it goes live. We are your web team.

During our consultation while we create your Rabbit Site we review the plan to make sure it takes care of your needs. We can customize it if more is needed. If bigger changes are desired later that don't fit in the monthly plan we will give you an estimate before we start on anything. You are in control.

So let's say you have had your Rabbit site now for 2-3 years and want to change the whole look and feel of your site. Awesome, a whole new Rabbit! We will discount the price 10% and review your goals like the first time and make sure we nail it again. We will even give you a month free on your Rabbit plan for referring yourself. High five to yourself!

We do! We love referrals from our customers. For each referral that purchases a Rabbit Site we will give you a big Thank You and a month Free on Your Rabbit Plan. No limits! 10 referrals = 10 months free. And of course take care of your referral with the amazing service you are used to.

We don’t think you will but if you did we can give you the HTML, CSS, JS, and Design files. Just ask. It's yours not ours, we just help you by taking care of it for you.